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Band Biography:

MeSha's Brew is a Jazz Fusion quartet that incorporates elements of Latin, Funk, Rock and R&B. The rich musical backround mix of all its four members is what contributes so successfully to the melodic and highly rhythmical approach and fusion of their music style and sound.
The band was originally conceived in February 2006 when Yoseph "Joe" Levy (Drums/Percussion) and Michael Goutman (Electric Bass) who had already met and performed together, decided to bring this new project to fruition. During the spring of 2006 Raj Jalaldeen (Electric Guitar/Vocals) joined forces bringing with him a wealth of music experience and abilities. Dave Powell (Electric Keyboards/Saxophone/) with his incredible solos and the ability to musically inspire others proved to be the last and very welcomed addition to the 'Brew'.
In early 2008, due to other busy commitments, Dave Powell left the band. This allowed the remaining trio to experiment with their new sound and musical direction. It is during this period, middle to end of 2008, that the 'Journey To Acco' CD by The MeSha's Brew Trio was recorded.
However, 2009 brought some new and exciting changes to MeSha's Brew.
Raj Jalaldeen opted to leave in pursuit of his own musical project and was replaced by Jarek Jaro Dabrowski (Electric Guitar). Soon after, the latest valuable member of the band joined - Jaron Freeman-Fox (Electric Violin).
Both Jarek and Jaron are extremely educated and experienced musicians who have greatly contributed to the new and vibrant sound of MeSha's Brew!!


Yoseph "Joe" Levy - Drums/Percussion


Yoseph "Joe" Levy was born and grew up in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory in the southern tip of Spain. Growing up with his peer and friend, world class percussionist Yitzhak Isaac Attias has remained until today, a strong influence in his distinct and percussive style of playing. By age fifteen/sixteen years he was already doing the club scene. He has lived and performed across three continents (Europe; Middle East and North America) and all throughout his music career has been fortunate to play and collaborate with numerous talented musicians. He studied with renowned music/drum educator Joel Rothman in London, England and later also attended the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada though he never got to complete the music program. Yoseph "Joe" currently resides in Toronto, Canada and is active in its vibrant music scene.

Michael Goutman - Electric Bass

Born in St. Petersburg Russia, Michael Goutman began his musical career as a classical pianist at the age of six. During his ten years of classical training he played at various concert halls in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It was later at the age of sixteen that Michael started playing guitar and soon enough joined and performed with a variety of bands playing mostly Art Rock and Fusion in different venues across Russia and Europe. At the age of twenty two is when he moved to Toronto, Canada and started playing electric bass. In addition to MeSha's Brew, Michael is also a member of another Toronto band called Griboyedov Dreams with who he enjoys playing in a variety of styles including Electronic, Folk, Fusion, Jazz and more!

Jarek Dabrowski - Electric Guitar

As a versatile guitarist, Jarek Dabrowski has performed professionally in Canada, Europe and Asia. He is an Honors and MA graduate of York University's music program and has an extensive background in guitar performance, music history and theory in addition to various 'plucked' instruments from different regions of the globe. He has performed in ensembles of music styles from Poland, China, Africa, the Philippines, the Middle East, Cuba, and Brazil.
Currently, Jarek is active working with various bands and solo artists in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad (tours to Europe and US) as a guitarist, composer, and arranger.

Jaron Freeman-Fox - Electric Violin

Jaron Freeman-Fox has played music around the world, studied and performed a wide variety of styles within jazz, fiddle, classical, and world musics. Flowing seamlessly between genres, but always keeping his distinct voice, Jaron has performed solo and collaborated with renowned artists such as T.V.Gopalakrashnan, The Paperboys, and Tania Tagaq. He was a protégé of Oliver Schroer, whose untimely passing left a void in everyone touched by his genius. Jaron is presently an active professional performer in the Toronto music scene.

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Contact: Yoseph "Joe" Levy
Telephone: 416-457-0805

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Basic Requirements

Basic Stage & Equipment Requirements:

Smaller Venue – (up to 150 capacity)

PA system (min. 6 channels) 200 watts/channel -
* Violin mic. 

Larger Venue – (200 plus capacity)

PA System (min. 16 channels) 500 watts/channel –
* Violin mic.
* Guitar mic.
* Bass DI channel
* Complete 6 pcs. Drum Kit plus Percussion mic. set

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